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Accidental Upskirts on Mexican TV- With Hot Chicks

I'm writing this post for three main reasons. Okay, maybe four. First and foremost its to show appreciation for the horny man that took the time to make this video and put it to music . He not only mixes the audio track, but rocks the video track to synch with the mix.

The number two reason to post this is obviously to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I've been taking a lot of heat lately from all sides about my utter lack of any writing in any of my posts. It's pretty much been all smut all the time.

The number three reason, well screw it, the really only reason to post this is cause I know we have a lot of fans in Mexico and I just wanted to know what this first girl in the videos name is. SO if anyone knows, leave her name in the comment section, cause she is outrageously hot. Gracias AMigos. Mi Zapatos es grande, por favor!

And number four, well, Hell. Lets just say that when there's no football on television, the only thing I ever wind up watching is good old fashioned Mexican TV.

Hot girls in mexican TV 1 - Watch more Funny Videos


Bowflex said...


BasementAddix said...

They are huge perves (not complaining)...when I was Mexico...I remember 2 channels being just hardcore porn...1 of which seemed to be the DP channel...just straight awesome

BoomRoasted said...

I wonder if I can tell my girl that these videos "Accidentally" got on my computer

Mikey Love said...

There is nothing accidental about these videos

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